Instant cleanliness, and maximum efficiency with JWIZARD Mac Cleaner!

Instant cleanliness, and maximum efficiency with JWIZARD Mac Cleaner!
Wizard Mac Cleaner is a user-friendly tool designed to optimize Mac performance.

Clean the system of service junk

System optimization
Free up space and improve performance by deleting temporary files and cache.
Clearing disk space
Get rid of large system log files and speed up your computer.
Deleting errors
Eliminate corrupted files to prevent programs from working incorrectly.
Clean the system of service junk

Protect your sensitive data

Secure and private internet surfing
Free your browser from all traces of search queries, download data, and browsing history.
Periodic clearing of the cache
Regularly delete data, web page elements, and text files that store information about your online activities.
Protect your sensitive data

Save local disk space

Mail data management
Eliminate duplicate attachments from emails. This can reduce email clutter with unnecessary logos and other irrelevant files.
Organizing download data
Clean your download folder of stored files to protect your privacy and speed up your Mac.
Organization of order and protection of personal information
Delete unnecessary files from the Recycle Bin to keep your computer clean and tidy and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data.
Optimize and clean up Xcode
Improve Xcode performance and eliminate errors that occur by cleaning up temporary files.
Use the "Smart Scan" mode
Perform instant scans on your Mac with minimal effort.
Save local disk space

Answers to your questions:

Is it safe to use JWIZARD Cleaner?
JWIZARD Cleaner cleans the space by deleting only unnecessary files without affecting important ones. However, we recommend that you carefully review the file list before cleaning so that you don't accidentally delete files that are important to you.
How long is the license valid?
The product license is valid for 1 year. Subscription options are available for use on 1, 2, or 3 Macs.
How often am I recommended to use JWIZARD Cleaner for cleaning?
We recommend you use JWIZARD Cleaner regularly, e.g. once a week or as needed, to clean the system. The frequency of use depends on the intensity of your computer usage, the number of files you download, and other factors that may affect the accumulation of temporary files and junk. This will help maintain optimal performance and free up disk space on your device.
Can I choose which files to delete with the program?
Clicking on the 'Details' button will open a detailed list of files, where you can select the files you want to delete. When scanning, the program automatically marks all found files by default.