Instant cleanliness, and maximum efficiency with JWIZARD Mac Cleaner!

Мгновенная чистота, максимальная эффективность с JWIZARD Mac Cleaner!
JWIZARD Cleaner is a user-friendly tool designed to clean your Mac.

Get rid of service junk

As you use macOS, many temporary files, cache, and other system junk accumulate to keep your system running.
JWIZARD Cleaner can find and remove system junk. It performs deep scans and helps you free up disk space by deleting data that your device no longer uses.
System logs
System errors
Temporary system files and cache
Clean the system of service junk

Clean up your browser data. Protect your privacy.

The browser actively stores information about your online activities and personal data, which can be found in cookies, browsing history, authorization, and temporary cache files.
Clean up your browser to avoid leaking your sensitive data.
Search queries
History of visited sites
Protect your sensitive data

Keep order on your device

Is your Mac cluttered with data? JWIZARD Cleaner makes cleanup quick and easy! Get rid of duplicate and outdated files. Free up space by periodically deleting downloaded files and trash can contents.
Duplicate files
Outdated files
Downloads folder
Trash can files
Duplicate mail attachments
Use the "Smart Scan" mode
Perform instant scans on your Mac with minimal effort.
Save local disk space

Free your Mac from unnecessary apps!

When you uninstall an app on Mac simply by moving it to the trash, various files such as settings, caches, and logs remain on your computer. JWIZARD Cleaner provides full uninstall of apps with no residual, freeing up valuable space on your hard drive.
Application cache and errors
Uninstalling applications

Optimize your system and monitor the health of your device

Running multiple applications at the same time adds time to the overall system boot process, and can overload the CPU and RAM.
Get rid of slow system booting by disabling the autorun of unnecessary applications when you turn on your computer.
Running applications
Device information

Improve your Xcode performance with effective cleaning

For developers in Xcode, regular cleanup of unnecessary files is the key to stability and speed. Accumulated caches and temporary files can cause errors and slow you down. Use JWIZARD Cleaner to remove cache, temporary files, and old builds to ensure maximum performance and stability of the workflow in Xcode.
Protect your sensitive data
Improvements with every update
Our experts regularly improve JWIZARD Cleaner for Mac, keeping it up to date with the latest macOS updates and adding new features.
Cleanup without harming your Mac.
You decide which files to delete and which to keep. Before deleting the selected items, you always get a confirmation screen from JWIZARD Cleaner. The required system files are automatically secured.
Simple to configure, easy to use
With easy setup steps and easy control, you will quickly master the app and be able to clean and manage your Mac effectively.
JWIZARD Cleaner supports your language!
JWIZARD Cleaner supports 16 interface languages. You can use all its functions in your native language.

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Answers to your questions:

Is it safe to use JWIZARD Cleaner?

JWIZARD Cleaner cleans the space by deleting only unnecessary files without affecting important ones. However, we recommend that you carefully review the file list before cleaning so that you don't accidentally delete files that are important to you.


How long is the license valid?

The product license is valid for 1 year. Subscription options are available for use on 1, 2, or 3 Macs.


How often am I recommended to use JWIZARD Cleaner for cleaning?

We recommend you use JWIZARD Cleaner regularly, e.g. once a week or as needed, to clean the system. The frequency of use depends on the intensity of your computer usage, the number of files you download, and other factors that may affect the accumulation of temporary files and junk. This will help maintain optimal performance and free up disk space on your device.


Can I choose which files to delete with the program?

Clicking on the 'Details' button will open a detailed list of files, where you can select the files you want to delete. When scanning, the program automatically marks all found files by default.

System Requirements:
macOS 12 and above
Latest version:
1.9, May 29, 2024