jWizard forms: Plugin for wordpress

jwizard forms

jWizard Forms is a top-drawer solution for your form needs with seamless integration and versatile use.

jWizard Forms can be used by both professionals and newcomers to WordPress. With minimum input you will be able to create terrific forms that meet your needs to the minutest of details.

Whether you want to create a RSVP list for an event, a school directory, or a wedding gift planner, you will benefit from the versatility of features offered by jWizard. You will not only be able to create, edit or re-use your forms, but you will be able to fine-tune information in order to meet your strictest criteria.

jWizard Forms allows you to create forms for your specific needs with a sleek drag-and-drop interface with multiple options for each element. You can easily decide on the layout of the form you create by adding the number of elements you desire per line, and you will be able to add specific parameters for dropdowns as well as data ranges that are accepted as input information.